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Expert lawn care services ensure a lush, green lawn year after year, at home or outside your commercial building. Our Rhode Island lawn care services include a comprehensive program of seeding, fertilizing, mowing, trimming, edging, and all other work needed for a healthy lawn that you’re sure to love. Our landscapers also provide needed sod delivery for new properties or for overly damaged and patchy lawns where seeding just won’t do.

Our lawn care company also works with every customer to help choose the right grass species for their area and needs, whether that’s a hearty Kentucky bluegrass or a soft bentgrass, or any option in between. No matter your needs for a new lawn or for regular lawn care in Rhode Island, our landscaping team is standing by, ready to ensure you’re happy with your residential or commercial property’s appearance for many years to come.
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Why Choose Professional Lawn Care in Rhode Island

Growing a lush, green lawn is often more challenging than you might realize. Grass is affected by soil conditions and sun exposure as much as flowers and other vegetation, and needs to be cut to the right height to protect underlying soil while also ensuring you don’t damage those delicate grass blades. Lawn care also means proper fertilizing without overfeeding the lawn, as well as proper hydration amounts adjusted for changing seasons.

Unfortunately, regular lawn care is also physically challenging and often means spending hours cutting and edging the lawn as well as maintaining your lawn care equipment. Those valuable hours are better spent with your family, relaxing on the weekend, or running your commercial business versus caring for your lawn. To save yourself the time and hassle of doing your own lawn care in Rhode Island, rely on Rhode Island Landscaping and Design for all your grass cutting and care needs!
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Is it Time for Expert Lawn Care in Rhode Island?

Did you know that the height of grass affects its overall health and the health of your property’s soil? Longer grass blades have more surface area for photosynthesis, or more area to absorb healthy, nourishing sunlight. Longer blades also have a more extensive root system so that grass can then also absorb moisture and nutrients from the ground! Those long, thick blades also hold soil in place, reducing the risk of erosion and runoff.

While longer grass blades mean a healthier, richer lawn, it’s often more difficult to keep long, thick grasses trimmed properly and in good condition. This is why you need to turn to the experts at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design for professional lawn care. Our landscaping and lawn experts make quick work of trimming and mowing even the longest, thickest blades, keeping them at the right height for proper growth while ensuring your property has that manicured appearance you’re sure to love.
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Lawn Care in Rhode Island is the Key to Thick, Lush Lawns

Proper mowing is just part of growing a thick, lush lawn. Professional lawn care also means adding fertilizer and seed where needed and ensuring your lawn is receiving proper moisture and hydration for healthy growth, and according to fluctuating weather conditions. The right mowing techniques avoid damaging delicate grass blades while providing a trimmed and gorgeous lawn that is lush and welcoming, and a perfect complement to your home or commercial structure. When you’re ready for a beautiful lawn that is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood, or any other landscaping services, call our team and get started with a quick quote!

Why Choose Rhode Island Landscaping and Design

We're proud to call ourselves some of the best landscapers around, as well as being a household name our customers trust for landscaping and lawn care in Rhode Island. We provide expert landscape design and any needed lawn care with a work ethic that is second to none. Our landscapers are dedicated to ensuring that each and every customer has a lawn and lush landscaping that they love and that provides all the stunning visual appeal they expect, and that stays healthy year-round. Locally owned and operated, we know the challenges of lawn care and guarantee your satisfaction no matter your needs for landscaping on your property.
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At Rhode Island Landscaping and Design, we provide full-service lawn care in Rhode Island as well as mulch delivery and all the landscaping design and installation you need done. Whatever your needs for a beautiful commercial exterior or residential lawn, we guarantee results!

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