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Illuminating Dark Yards with Landscape Lighting in RI

Turning the Lights On for Rhode Island Landscapes

You've spent a lot of money fixing up your landscape and making it look glorious only to have its most beautiful features snuffed out by nightfall. We can turn that sad story into something a bit more cheery through professional landscape lighting in Rhode Island. Who says your front yard has to go dim when the sun goes down? 

Landscape lights enhance the focal points of your home and surrounding yard, making it a real head-turner once the moon hits the sky. As a professional landscaping company that has been in operation since 2012, you can count on our design team to place lighting in the perfect places. 

We focus on highlighting plants, bushes, and beautiful bay windows. You're going to love our work! Are you ready to schedule your FREE design consultation? Please call, email, or fill out our convenient online contact form today to schedule landscaping in Rhode Island!
landscape lighting rhode island
landscape lighting in front yard rhode island

Let's Explore the Benefits of Rhode Island Landscape Lighting...

Low voltage landscape lighting in Rhode Island is more than just beautifying your property in the dark. You'd be surprised by what a few solar lights can do for the protection of your home or commercial space. Check it out:

  • Illuminate Outdoor Spaces - Installing solar light in your backyard or pool area creates a unique space to entertain guests once the sun goes down.
  • Highlights Landscape Décor - Are there things in your yard or features of your home that you want to be showcased even after dark? Landscape lighting makes it possible!
  • Enhances Property Value & Curb Appeal - Nothing says "buy me" like a home strategically illuminated by outdoor lighting. So if you're trying to sell, we recommend placing solar lights on your landscape. Plus, they look great from the street view.
  • Personal Safety - Lining your walkways and driveway with solar lights provides a clearer path for you and your guests to motivate, which results in fewer accidents.
  • Crime Deterrent - A Home invader or robber is less likely to ravage a property with good outdoor lighting in place for obvious reasons.

We would love to show you some of our design ideas. So please take a moment and check out our featured image gallery of previous customers.

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Make a Choice to Install RI Landscape Lighting Today!

Outdoor solar lights in Rhode Island are all the rage this season. Actually, they're plenty popular during every season. We can't stress enough how amazing a few strategically placed low-voltage lights can make your residential and commercial landscape look. 

Are you interested in outdoor lighting for enhanced security purposes? The longer you wait to install solar lights in your yard, the more susceptible you are to thieves and vandals. It's no secret that landscape lighting deters hoodlums from claiming stake on your property. 

If they are bold enough to enter your lot when you have lights present, their identities can be discovered should you or your neighbors have security cameras. There are many reasons why landscape lighting in RI makes sense and why you should have it installed ASAP!
solar landscape lights rhode island
landscape lights rhode island

Rhode Island's #1 Landscape Lighting Company

As an established company that is fully licensed and insured, you can trust Rhode Island Landscaping & Design to come through for you. Our goal is to make your property look incredible through professional design techniques and solar light placement. 

The lights that we use are either powered by the sun or are of a very low voltage. So you won't see an increase in your power bills, which makes adding lights to your landscape that much sweeter! We've been hustling and bustling around RI since 2012 making homes, gardens, and businesses look better and more inviting through our brilliant landscaping talents. 

You can depend on us for the lowest rates in the state. Get in touch with our design team today to secure your zero-cost quote and consultation.


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