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Balanced Solutions for Landscape Irrigation in Rhode Island

Landscape Irrigation Rhode Island - Grow Your Property

Are you tired of the stress of having to keep your plants and lawn watered? Maybe your landscape is prone to flooding, and you'd like a solution that not only treats the problem but prevents it from happening altogether. Expert landscape irrigation Rhode Island can solve many of those issues. 

We use top-notch equipment and products to get the right balance of moisture into your soil so it can feed your lawn, plants, flowerbeds, etc. We've been landscaping the east coast for over two decades. When you hire our team, you're guaranteed to get incredible results that bring you 100% satisfaction. 

Trying to keep your garden and landscape adequately watered can be difficult and costly, but our company makes it convenient. Are you ready to get started with a no-cost consultation today? We'll survey your property and make recommendations on your personal needs, followed by a FREE estimate. Call us!
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How Does Pro Landscape Irrigation Benefit Me?

Are you wondering how a lawn irrigation system in RI can make your life easier? The ways are countless! We love helping our customers keep their landscapes looking plush and thriving. Here are a few reasons that make professional landscape irrigation services a must-have:

*Even Watering - Irrigation systems offer a balanced way to keep your lawn and flowerbeds consistently watered, which leads to balanced growth.
*Fruitful Plants - Do you have a vegetable garden and fruit-bearing trees? Proper irrigation ensures that they produce a more bountiful harvest.
*Less Landscape Failure - Without adequate and consistent irrigation, lawns, bushes, plants, and trees wither and die.
*Attractive Landscape - There's nothing uglier than a home or business with brown, dried-out foliage on the landscape. Irrigation systems solve that problem.
*Enhanced Curb Appeal - Are you trying to attract more customers to your business? Perhaps you'd like to sell your house. A beautifully irrigated landscape can help.
*Lower Water Bill - Believe it or not but an irrigation system can actually save you money on your monthly water bill.
*Less Maintenance - Do you ever just want to set your landscape and forget it? Our irrigation methods act as a proverbial crock pot.

Now is the time to get your landscape setup with an affordable and effective landscape irrigation system. You can learn more about our offerings by visiting the company blog page HERE.
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Make the Most of Your RI landscape with Affordable Irrigation Services

Our irrigation company in Rhode Island enjoys keeping local landscapes looking incredible. We do so by installing irrigation systems on commercial and residential properties. If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of keeping your grass green and plants growing, we have something to offer you. 

Not only does a landscape irrigation system keep your yard looking beautiful, but it also ensures the health of your foliage and fruit-bearing plants. We've heard it all too often that when a family goes on vacation for a week, they come back to a dead lawn or garden. With our irrigation systems, you can have consistent watering by setting a timer. 

The days of forgetting to water your plants or having to bother a neighbor to do it for you are over. Together, we can take back your landscape and restore it to a beautiful, picturesque setting.
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Lanscaper installing irrigation system in Rhode Island

Why Choose Rhode Island Landscape and Design for Your Next Irrigation System?

We've been in the landscape design game for a long time. Our methods are foolproof, and that's a promise. You can count on our team at Rhode Island Landscaping to apply the very best methods for your lawn's needs based on soil porosity and mineral levels. 

We'll help you choose a system based on your landscaping goals and how involved you wish to be with the care of your plants and lawn. 

Did you know that we have close to twenty years of experience? We've learned many tips and tricks along our journey as landscapers, and we can't wait to apply them to your residential and commercial lawns.


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Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers a variety of affordable options for your residential and commercial outdoor scene. Call us for professional landscape design, construction, architecture, and lawn care services. We're here to make your landscape look great!

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