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What is Landscape Design? 

Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers more than your standard lawn care services in Rhode Island. Landscape design incorporates all the elements you prefer in your landscaping features, including shrubbery and hedges, flowers, decorative bushes and landscaping trees, and hardscaping features. Starting with a landscape design in RI ensures that all those features and details coordinate seamlessly, creating focal points that offer maximum impact and visual interest.

Professional landscape design by our team of landscapers also ensures that your landscaping features work around trafficked areas and don’t block signage, walkways, and the like. Whatever your needs for beautiful and lush landscaping features, start with gorgeous, expert landscape design by Rhode Island Landscaping and Design.
landscape design ri
landscape design ri

The Benefits of Landscape Design in RI

To ensure that finished landscaping features look their best and are as stunning as you imagined, start by contacting an expert landscape designer! A landscaper will incorporate existing elements of your property, as well as sunlight, drainage, and other conditions, and then pick and choose the best features and details to add accordingly, all to transform your property into a work of art.

Proper landscaping design maximizes the appearance of landscaping and create a plan that works for your property in particular, encouraging healthy growth of vegetation and flowers. Our RI Landscape design team and landscapers helps to avoid a haphazard look for your landscaping features, so that your property has a finished, polished look you’re sure to love! Get started today by giving us a call or getting in touch online.
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Now Is the Time for Your Landscape Design in RI!

Before you plant another flower on your property, call us for your professional landscape design in Rhode Island! Beautiful landscaping that stays healthy and lush throughout the years doesn’t happen by chance. Our local RI Landscape company will ensure that you choose flowers and shrubbery meant for your property’s sun exposure and soil conditions, and that all features of your landscaping blend seamlessly while providing lots of visual interest.

Commercial landscape design is especially vital so that hedges and shrubbery don’t obstruct the view of drivers in a parking lot and vegetation doesn’t grow to obscure signage and walkways. Without proper landscape design in RI, you might find that your property’s landscaping is more work than you expected and far less beautiful than you imagined!
landscape design ri
landscape design ri

Keep Your Property Healthy with Landscape Design in RI

Landscaping is an investment and sometimes a costly one, which is why you want to ensure that your plants and flowers stay as healthy as possible throughout the year. Landscape design takes into account soil conditions, amount of sun exposure, and local weather conditions around your property, and then choose flowers, shrubs and hedges, and vegetation that grows and thrives in those conditions. 

Choosing vegetation compatible with your property’s growing conditions ensures healthy plants and flowers year-round, with far less maintenance needed to keep that landscaping looking its best! Your investment in new landscaping will last for many years to come when you start with a professional landscape design in RI.

Why Choose Rhode Island Landscaping and Design

At Rhode Island Landscaping and Design, we provide more than just grass cutting and lawn care services in Rhode Island. Our team offers years of experience in landscape design in RI, and we’re locally owned and operated so we know the special challenges of growing landscaping features in the state’s ever-changing climate. We work with each client individually to create a design for their property, incorporating their preferences for flowers and shrubs as well as the property’s growing condition and of course the client’s budget! No detail is overlooked during our landscaping services so that you’re happy with your new landscaping features. Our team also provides full-service landscaping maintenance, so every new feature and detail stays healthy and is trimmed and pruned as needed to stay clean and pristine and to always look its best.
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"As a property manager, I've used a LOT of landscaping companies in Rhode Island. For expert landscaping at a reasonable price, Rhode Island Landscaping & Design can't be beat! Give them a call!"
- Gary Stevens
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Along with expert landscape design in RI, our team also provides full-service lawn care, to ensure your property’s grass is always lush and green. Landscape architecture in RI incorporates every feature of your property into your new landscaping design, making adjustments to your property’s grade as needed, while our landscape construction brings in hardscape elements you’ll love. Mulch delivery keeps all your landscaping healthy and protects your property’s soil, for a finished look you’re sure to love!

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