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Our Professional Landscaping Services in Rhode Island

Our Top-Rated Landscaping Services in Rhode Island

Commercial and residential lawn & landscaping in Rhode Island!
Rhode Island Landscaping and Design is the company to call for all your needed commercial and residential landscaping services in Rhode Island. We offer the area’s highest-rated and most comprehensive landscaping design, architecture, and construction services, as well as full-service lawn care, seasonal cleanup, and mulch delivery. Whether you need garden landscaping or a landscape designer in Rhode Island, our landscapers ensure you end up with a beautiful property that you’ll love for many years to come! Before you plant a single bulb or start up your lawnmower, call our Providence based landscaping professionals for a free, no-obligations quote.
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More About Rhode Island Landscaping Services

Landscape Design Services in Rhode Island

Create a gorgeous and stunning exterior space with landscape design by our landscaping company. Landscape design ensures that every detail of your landscaping features and grassy areas are planned precisely, so that flowers and shrubbery blend together cohesively while also having enough space to stand out and command attention! Using our professional landscape design services also allows you to make changes to your planned landscaping before you ever plant a single flower, ensuring that nothing is wasted and that the end result looks as beautiful as you expect. To ensure you’re happy with your property’s exterior landscaping features and elements, get in touch with our landscapers in Rhode Island--we're ready to help!
Landscape design
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Landscape Architecture Services in Rhode Island

The landscape architects at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design work with your property’s overall configuration, layout, and slope, as well as all the structures and outbuildings on your property, to create a plan for landscaping that fits the space precisely. Whether it’s shrubbery that needs to sit low around the outer edges and corners of a parking lot, or flowers and vegetation that thrive in dry or overly moist soil, Our landscapers and architects ensure no detail of your planned landscaping is overlooked. When you call our contractors for landscape architecting, your landscaping features will blend seamlessly with your property while offering all the visual interest you expect from your new flowers and shrubs and other design features.
landscape architecture

Landscape Construction Services in Rhode Island

What is hardscaping? Hardscaping refers to elements of landscaping that don’t grow, such as gravel, edging, fencing, decorative statues, water features including waterfalls and manmade ponds, and the like. Landscape construction pulls together all the elements of landscaping, including your beautiful flowers and shrubs, and hardscaping, or all those decorative elements that provide contrast and added texture along your property. Our Rhode Island landscape construction crew offers all the elements needed to create a stunning exterior for your home or business, using both the hardscape and landscaping elements needed to make your vision of a beautiful property a reality!
landscape construction
landscape construction rhode island
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Grass & Lawn Care Services

Proper, effective lawn care is about much more than cutting the grass! Lawn care for healthy grass growth and a rich, lush lawn entails proper cutting methods as well as the right amount of watering, seeding, fertilizers and other feed, and so much more! To ensure your home’s lawn or the grass outside your commercial structure is always lush and green and looking its best, call our Rhode Island lawn care professionals! Our full-service lawn care for RI homes and businesses ensures a lush, green lawn that thrives and that always looks welcoming and inviting while feeling soft and plush underfoot, and which thrives easily year after year. When it comes to lawn and landscaping services in Rhode Island, we're dedicated about serving our customers and passionate about the services we provide. Get in touch today.
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Mulch Delivery Services in RI

Mulch delivery in RI by Rhode Island Landscaping and Design provides for a healthy lawn and landscaping features all year-round. Mulch locks in moisture and nutrients while protecting soil from erosion, harsh sunlight, and inclement weather. Natural mulch also provides protection and food for insects that help till the soil and encourage proper drainage and oxygenation. The right mulch also provides lots of contrast for your flowers and shrubbery, letting them stand out with visual appeal. Don’t leave this vital part of healthy landscaping to a general contractor but rely on quality mulch delivery by Rhode Island Landscaping and Design, to ensure your property’s lawn and landscaping are healthy and protected from damage and always looks their best.
Mulch Delivery
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landscape installation for ri home

Beautiful Rhode Island Landscape Installation Services

How would you like to make your Rhode Island yard look incredible? You can, with a little help from our landscape installation team. We specialize in ornamental lighting, edging, fabric, and timber installing services. You to can have manicured trees and shrubs lining your driveway or resting in front of your home. 

Did you know that our services are also available to commercial property owners? Nothing makes a business more welcoming than a creative landscape. We invite you to explore our before and after photos in the featured image gallery and see the magic that we've made. Call now to schedule a FREE consultation.
Landscape installation

Rhode Island's BEST Sod Installation Service

Are you looking to have an instant lawn? Sod installation in Rhode Island makes it possible! Our team will unroll beautiful soil and grass onto your property, revealing a lush and gorgeous lawn. There's no grow time or spreading of seeds. You can choose from a variety of grass species like Bella Bluegrass or Bermuda. Our team has been laying sod for many years and knows exactly how to make your new lawn look incredible. You'll be amazed by how your landscape can look in just a few hours. Our prices are affordable and our results impeccable! Call us now.
Sod Installation Rhode Island
sod installation rhode island
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Beautiful Landscape Lighting Placement Brightens Your Home

Are you absolutely loving your gorgeous landscape but feel there is something missing once the sun goes down? We've got the answer! Strategic landscape lighting in Rhode Island enhances the character of your yard after dark. Features like decorative rocks, flowers, and bushes can be seen by those who pass by your property once the moon bids farewell to the sun. Our design team has a knack for placing lights in a way that illuminates the main focal points of a landscape. We guarantee you'll love what we do, or you will not pay us a dime until you're completely smitten.
Sod Installation Rhode Island

Tailored Commercial Landscaping in RI

Are you looking for high-quality commercial landscaping in Rhode Island? Our company is ready to overdeliver! We offer a range of services that include lawn care, tree care, shrub planting, flowerbeds, and much more. Are you interested in hardscapes and water features? We've got it covered. Our top priority is to give our customers 100% satisfaction. You'll either love your landscape, or you won't pay a dime until you do. We hope you'll get in touch with our design team today to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation and estimate. There are no strings attached, we promise!
Sod Installation Rhode Island
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Dreamy Residential Landscaping

Are you tired of how boring and drab your residential landscape in Rhode Island looks? Perhaps, you want to increase the value of your property and enhance its curb appeal? Our team of talented landscapers has it covered! We can turn any landscape into something dreams are made of, guaranteed. Through meticulous methods, high-quality equipment, and materials, your landscape will transform into the Garden of Eden in a matter of a few hours. 

We'd love to give you a FREE consultation and get a feel for what you envision for residential landscaping in Rhode Island. So please call or email us right now to get your home's landscape design drawn up.
Sod Installation Rhode Island

Professional Landscape Irrigation in Rhode Island

We're in the business of making backyards, front yards, and landscapes look great! You can call us for all your landscape irrigation needs in Rhode Island. We specialize in residential and commercial landscaping services that leave your property looking on point and healthy. In addition, you can count on our contractors to create specific solutions for flooded and swampy yards by applying tried and true irrigation installation techniques. 

Would you like a FREE consultation and estimate? Our team would love to visit your property and asses your landscape's irrigation needs. Please call or email us today to reserve a spot on the schedule.
Sod Installation Rhode Island
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- Gary Stevens
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Rhode Island Landscaping and Design proudly serves all of the greater Providence RI area, including Warwick, Cranston, Johnston, and Woonsocket, and everyplace in between! When you need quality landscaping in Rhode Island, give us a call.
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