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Top-Rated Landscaping Services in Warwick, RI 

Every home and office deserves nothing less than top-rated landscaping in Warwick, which you’ll only find with Rhode Island Landscaping and Design. At Rhode Island Landscaping and Design, our Rhode Island landscapers have years of experience in designing and installation lush, colorful landscaping as well as thick shrubs and hedges that offer lots of visual interest and even privacy where needed!

If you need new landscape design in Warwick, our landscapers work with every customer individually to create a landscape plan that works for their property and their budget! Whether you need some added color outside your commercial building or are looking for a natural way to add some division between your yard and the one next door, Rhode Island Landscaping and Design is the company to call for all your landscaping in Warwick RI needs.
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"As a property manager, I've used a LOT of landscaping companies in Rhode Island. For expert landscaping at a reasonable price, Rhode Island Landscaping & Design can't be beat! Give them a call!"
- Gary Stevens
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Landscaping for ANY Home or Office in Warwick, RI

Never overlook the benefit of professional landscaping for your home or office! Colorful flowers and lush, green hedges and shrubs add curb appeal in an instant, creating a welcoming look for business clients and customers as well as a relaxing atmosphere outside your home. Thick hedges provide privacy and sound insulation while flowers, landscaping trees, and other greenery improve air quality and offer a lovely scent around a patio or deck!

Proper landscaping in Warwick, RI is also more difficult than many homeowners and business owners realize, as plants and flowers require proper soil conditions and various amounts of sunlight exposure to thrive. Unlike other landscaping companies in Warwick, we ensure that all chosen landscaping features work well for your property in particular, so they thrive year after year with as little maintenance as possible.
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Our Warwick, RI Landscaping Services Overview

Landscape Design

Whether you have a new property or your current landscaping features need a bit more personality and style, Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers full-service landscape design. A new landscape plan for your home or business ensures the exterior of your property always looks its best and is welcoming and inviting.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture in Warwick RI ensures that your landscaping features work well around a house, storefront, restaurant, or office complex, taking into account the size, shape, and overall style of those structures. Landscape architectureenhances the appearance of those buildings and creates a stunning, cohesive look.

Landscape Construction

For landscape features that really “pop,” consider landscape construction in Warwick RI. Landscape construction incorporates what are called hardscape features, or elements made from solid materials such as wood, stone, and brick. Hardscaping offers some contrast between greenery and flowers, letting features stand out!

Lawn Care

Professional lawn care ensures that your property’s grass is always thick and green, and helps to avoid bare and patchy spots on the lawn. Proper mowing techniques keeps grass healthy and avoids damage to the lawn or your property’s soil, while also providing a clean and pristine, “manicured” look you’re sure to love.

Mulch Delivery

Rely on the landscaping experts at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design for regular mulch delivery in Warwick RI. Mulch locks nutrients and hydration in a property’s soil while also providing cover from harsh weather! Mulch delivery also means some colorful contrast between your flowerbeds and front lawn or other landscaping.

Spring & Fall Cleanup 

Spring cleanup keeps your property looking its best throughout the summer months, so you can relax in your backyard or have customers and clients to your business without worrying about unsightly debris on your property. Fall cleanup prepares your property’s soil for upcoming winter months, so it stays healthy despite the weather!
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Full-Service Landscaping

Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers full-service landscaping for your home or office, including design and planning and all your needed landscaping installation & mulch delivery. 


Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers a wide range of lawn care and landscaping design options, so we’re sure to have something that fits your property and your budget!


The team at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design prides themselves on their friendly customer service, offering landscaping design and installation appointments that work around you.
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