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Unbeatable Landscaping in Providence, RI

You Deserve the Best Landscaping in Providence

Every home and business deserves the best landscaping in Providence, RI. Enhance the look of your property and create a welcoming appearance with professional landscaping, including colorful blooms and greenery that improve curb appeal in an instant, or thick shrubs that often work to provide privacy and sound insulation from your neighbors!

Commercial landscaping in Providence, RI also creates a welcoming look outside your storefront or other business, enticing customers to step inside and shop! Professional Providence landscaping also adds a finished to your property, with an upscale appearance that sets you apart from the competition. Shrubs and hedges also help to direct the flow of foot traffic and can mask unsightly fixtures on your property, so everything looks its best outside your store or office!
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"As a property manager, I've used a LOT of landscaping companies in Rhode Island. For expert landscaping at a reasonable price, Rhode Island Landscaping & Design can't be beat! Give them a call!"
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Why Choose Professional Landscaping in Providence

Before you head to the local nursery and stock up on flowers and shrubs, keep in mind that lush, healthy landscaping in Providence requires some skill and expertise! Native flowers and greens thrive more easily in the state’s ever-changing weather conditions, while proper planting and pruning techniques ensure those landscaping features blossom and grow year after year. 

Landscape design in Providence also requires some skill and knowhow. Planting your flowers and greens so that they have space to grow and are not cramped and crowded while also ensuring that landscaping features look thick and full requires years of experience in landscape construction and design. Investing in professional landscaping in Providence from the pros at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design means a beautiful residential yard or commercial property that you’re sure to love!
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Providence Landscaping -- Our Services

Landscape Design

Whether it’s a new home or office or if your property currently lacks landscaping features, new landscape design in Providence by the pros at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design adds lush curb appeal in an instant! Native shrubs and flowers bloom easily and last year after year, with little maintenance and upkeep required.

Landscape Architecture

For properties with lots of buildings including garages, sheds, and other structures, landscape architecture in Rhode Island is the perfect solution! Landscape architecture works flowers and greens around those buildings for a finished, cohesive look you’re sure to love and which allows those details to stand out!

Landscape Construction

To create a finished look for your landscape features, consider landscape construction in RI, incorporating hardscape features made of brick, stone, wood, and other solid surfaces. Hardscape feature provide stunning contrast for flowers and greens, adding depth and dimension to your landscaping.

Lawn Care

You have better things to do than cut the grass every weekend! Proper, professional lawn care in Rhode Island by the experts at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design also ensures that your residential or commercial property has a healthy, lush lawn. Seeding, fresh sod, and fertilizing also keeps soil and grass healthy year after year.

Mulch Delivery

Regular mulch delivery in RI ensures that your property’s soil is rich and healthy and ready to support landscaping features, including beautiful flowers and shrubs! Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers regular mulch delivery for residential and commercial properties, for a beautiful lawn & landscaping features you’ll love.

Spring & Fall Cleanup 

To ensure your landscaping in Providence looks its best and your property is always healthy and lush, call Rhode Island Landscaping and Design for regular spring and fall cleanup. Professional property cleanup removes storm debris, weeds, and other unsightly features, for a healthy lawn and landscaping that look their best.
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Experienced Landscapers

When you’re in the market for landscapers in Providence RI, experience counts! Rhode Island Landscaping and Design is the most experienced company for landscape design in RI.

Affordable Services

Whatever your needs for landscape design in Rhode Island, we offer a wide range of options in a variety of price points, sure to fit your budget for lawn care and landscaping.

Full-Service Landscaping

Whether it’s new landscape design in Rhode Island or everyday lawn care & mulch delivery, we offer all the landscaping services you need for a stunningly beautiful property.
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