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The Most Beautiful Landscaping Services in Johnson, RI 

Your home and business both deserve the most beautiful landscaping in Johnston RI, to enhance your property’s curb appeal and create a welcoming exterior environment. Landscaping a Johnston RI property also provides privacy from neighbors as well as some noise insulation, directs foot traffic to entryways, and improves air quality outside your home or business. 

Professional landscaping of your property can also hide imperfections and outside structures along your property, including uneven ground, unsightly retainer walls or utility hookups, and discolored brick and siding. Landscaping trees provide shade for delicate flowerbeds and mulch delivery & spreading keeps soil healthy and hearty!
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Why Choose Professional Landscaping in Johnston RI 

Choosing and installing beautiful landscaping in Johnston RI is often more challenging that homeowners and commercial property owners understand! Landscape design should include native plants and flowers that thrive naturally in the state’s unpredictable climate, and that need little tending and care throughout the year. Proper pruning techniques as well as the right food and fertilizer also keeps plants thriving and healthy.

Professional landscape design also ensures that your landscaping features work around your home or commercial structure in particular, and that all your landscaping details look coordinated and cohesive. You’ll enjoy that polished, designer look outside your home or business when you choose our professional landscaping in Johnston, RI. Get in touch with the landscapers at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design for a fast and easy quote!
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The Best Services for Landscaping in Johnston, RI

Landscape Design

A fresh landscape design in Johnston RI ensures that your property always looks its best, with thriving plants & flowers that work well together and that truly complement your property.

Landscape Architecture

To keep your landscaping in Johnston RI workable and attractive around your property’s buildings, ask about landscape architecture from the pros at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design.

Landscape Construction

Landscape construction in Johnston RI incorporates hardscaping, or details made from solid materials such as brick, stone, concrete, and wood, for added visual appeal and lots of style!

Lawn Care

Proper mowing techniques as well as regular seeding and watering from the experts at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design keeps your property’s grass green and healthy each year.

Mulch Delivery

Regular mulch delivery in Johnston RI as well as mulch installation around landscaping features keeps your property hydrated & healthy, creating a rich environment ready for plants and flowers!

Spring & Fall Cleanup 

Spring and fall cleanup by the experts at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design keeps your property looking neat and clean and free of storm residue, as well as ready for wintertime weather!
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Whether you need quick lawn care for a Johnston RI residential property or full-service landscaping design, installation, and maintenance for a large commercial structure, Rhode Island Landscaping and Design can handle it all! 


Rhode Island Landscaping and Design offers a wide range of lawn care services and landscaping design in Johnston RI, perfect for small residential properties or oversized commercial lots, in a wide variety of price points.

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The entire team at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design takes pride in offering professional, friendly customer service for every Johnston RI project serviced, as well as customized plans designed for every property in particular.
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Landscaping Tips & Tricks for Johnston, RI Properties

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