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What You Need to Know About Landscape Edging

November 15, 2019

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Your residential lawn or commercial property just isn’t finished until you add landscape edging in Rhode Island! Edging offers a wide range of benefits for your lawn and landscaping features and for the overall curb appeal of a property. If you tend to neglect the need for landscape edging on a Rhode Island property, you might note some vital information about edging including its purposes as well as your many choices for edging materials.

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The purpose of landscape edging in Rhode Island

Landscape edging in Rhode Island properties keeps moisture in the soil, preventing runoff and erosion. Your landscape features grow healthier and need less watering when you install proper edging around flowerbeds and other vegetation.

Edging also provides a protective barrier around those beautiful features so you’re less likely to nick them with a lawnmower or other garden tools! Mulch stays in place when you choose a solid surface edging, also keeping soil around flowers and shrubs rich and healthy.

Edging also provides a bit of separation between landscaping and your property’s lawn. This helps to “anchor” the landscaping to the home and make all those features seem coordinated but without having them run together and blend in. Hardscape features such as brick, patio pavers, or rubber edging also provide contrast to all that greenery and those flowers, for a balanced look.

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Your Choices for Landscape Edging in Rhode Island

Visit any home improvement store and you’ll see many varieties of landscape edging for Rhode Island properties, and no doubt just about any one of them would work well for your home’s flowerbeds and shrubbery. However, to choose the right front yard landscaping details, note a few quick tips and a bit of information about your choices:

  • Metal or plastic landscape edging for Rhode Island properties is very durable and easy to install. This option also works well for keeping moisture around the landscape features, an excellent suggestion for dry soil or for vegetation requiring maximum hydration.
  • Brick is an excellent choice for adding contrast between greenery. The red tones of brick allow your shrubs and other vegetation to stand out from the lawn, an especially vital trick if you don’t have many colorful flowers as part of your landscaping!
  • Flat brick and stone as well as patio pavers are an excellent choice for edging in front of short flowers, as they won’t obscure the view!
  • Gravel and river rock provide added depth, dimension, and texture around shrubs and flowers. If your property boasts beautiful landscape features but you feel as if there is just too much soft green and not enough texture on the property, consider a bed of gravel or river rocks for your landscape edging.
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