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7 Expert Tips for Fall Cleanup

November 8, 2019

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Fall cleanup in Rhode Island is a vital part of keeping your lawn healthy and thriving year-round. Removing debris from the grass before the snow arrives allows lawns to “breathe” through winter months, while also protecting a lawn from absorbing excessive amounts of any lawn care chemicals used during summertime. Check out these expert tips for fall cleanup of Rhode Island homes and businesses so you ensure your residential yard or commercial property always looks its best.

fall cleanup rhode island

1. Fall cleanup in Rhode Island starts with raking!

To get your lawn ready for fall, start with a thorough raking of the grass. While leaves and other debris might offer some nutrition to the grass as they decompose, cut grass might also contain lawn care chemicals and other harmful substances. It’s also good to clear away this debris so you can let oxygen into the soil before the cold of winter arrives!

2. Aerate the lawn after fall cleanup in Rhode Island

Aerating a lawn allows it to absorb helpful oxygen and to release harmful imbalances of chemicals under the surface of the grass. Dry, compacted soil also absorbs more moisture while overly moist soil dries out somewhat, creating a balanced and healthy soil composition that’s ready for cold weather.

3. Trim tree branches for fall cleanup in Rhode Island

Regular tree trimming is part of healthy Providence landscaping, and especially during the months of fall! Heavy snow and ice along with high winter winds increase the risk of branches snapping and breaking off and posing a hazard to your home and landscaping features. Trimming overgrowth also allows trees to absorb sunlight during fall months so they’re strong and hearty during wintertime.

fall cleanup landscaping in rhode island

4. Refresh the mulch around your Rhode Island landscape

Mulch around your Rhode Island landscape features locks in nourishing moisture and nutrients, while also protecting soil from erosion and other damage. However, it’s not unusual for mulch to dry up or decompose during summertime, which is why it’s good to check it in the fall! Rake around your Rhode Island landscape to remove any decomposing mulch and add a fresh layer before the first snowfall in your area.

5. Call landscapers in RI for a full inspection and recommendation!

While general fall cleanup in Rhode Island is effective for any property, it’s good to call a landscaper and have him or her inspect your property for needed recommendations. He or she might notice bare spots on the lawn that need seeding or other treatment, or might note if the soil is overly dry or moist and needs added attention before wintertime weather. Whatever the case, the recommendation of a good landscaper in RI can mean a lush and green lawn all throughout the year!

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