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5 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

November 1, 2019

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Organic lawn care in Rhode Island is an excellent choice for both homes and commercial properties, providing stunning results without harsh and damaging chemicals. While many property owners make their Providence landscaping choices according to their budget, you might consider why organic lawn care in Rhode Island is the right choice for your home or business!

lawn care rhode island

1. Organic lawn care in Rhode Island means healthier soil

Organic lawn care products release nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients, without damaging the healthy balance of chemicals in soil. In turn, your property will have healthier soil overall when you choose organic Providence landscaping products versus harsh chemicals.

2. The best landscape design in Rhode Island only needs organic products

If your landscape contractor recommends harsh chemicals for your property, he or she might not be using the best landscape design in Rhode Island. High-quality Rhode Island landscape architects will use the soil’s natural condition, the slope of your property, and other such factors to choose the best design and features for landscaping, ensuring flowers and shrubs grow naturally and without needed chemicals.

3. Natural Providence landscaping methods won’t burn soil or grass

Harsh lawn care chemicals tend to burn soil and delicate grass, and especially in hot summer months. Delicate flowers also have a harder time growing and flourishing in soil treated with strong chemicals rather than with organic lawn care products.

lawn care rhode island

4. Organic lawn care in RI is better for groundwater

Anything you put on your lawn washes away or is absorbed by the soil, eventually making its way into the groundwater. While water treatment plants filter out many contaminants, those filtration systems might not be powerful enough to remove all harsh chemicals from drinking water supplies! To ensure fresh water is safe and healthy for everyone, opt for organic lawn care in Rhode Island.

5. Organic lawn care in Rhode Island is better for people and pets

While harsh fertilizers and other such products might typically contain only trace or small amounts of dangerous chemicals, those chemicals still affect outdoor air quality on your property and are especially hazardous to those with breathing difficulties, allergies, and the like. It’s also easy to absorb those chemicals through bare feet and paws when you or your pets walk across the lawn! Natural and organic lawn care in Rhode Island is safer for you and especially your children and pets, and can mean reducing the risk of allergic reactions, asthmas attacks, and other such health concerns.

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