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They are very professional and absolutely exceeded my expectations for new landscaping. I’m happy to use them every year for keeping up the lawn as well.
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What makes Rhode Island Landscaping and Design different? For one, we strive for complete customer satisfaction in everything we do. Our landscaping company offer an extensive menu of services, have a variety of 5-star ratings, and hundreds of satisfied customers. In addition to general landscaping services, we offer landscaping design, installation, archetecture, hardscapes, lawn services, mulch delivery and installation, and much more. 

If you are interested in learning more about our landscaping business, simply browse out our website, fill out an online quote request form, or call us today! Quotes are free, always!

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Not all landscaping companies in RI are alike. Check out our landscaping services and our quality work to see what sets us apart from the competition! We service areas across Rhode Island including Providence, North Kingston and East Greenwich. For a great job at a competitive price, call our landscapers for a free estimate!

Landscape Design

Looking for landscape design in RI?  The pros at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design makes your vision of lush, beautiful landscaping come to life! Our expert landscapers in RI incorporate all elements of your property, for a stunning exterior you’re sure to love.

Landscape Architecture

Our professional landscape architects work landscaping features around your property’s exterior structures, water features, pavement and walkways, and other such obstacles, as well as the slope and grade of your property, for healthy landscaping that thrives.

Landscape Construction

Beautiful landscape construction incorporates hardscape features such as edging, patio pavers, gravel, fencing, decorative boulders, and other details and features, creating a stunning property at your home or in front of your commercial space.

Lawn Care Services

Regular lawn care ensures that your property’s lawn is always lush and green and that it thrives year and year. Our Rhode Island lawn care services include mowing, edging, fertilizing, and a variety of services that are essential to a well cared for lawn.

Mulch Delivery

Mulch delivery & spreading keeps your landscaping features healthy and beautiful, locking moisture in the soil while protecting it from scorching sunlight and harsh weather. Mulch also provides a stunning contrast to flowers and shrubbery!

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Looking for landscapers in RI that do spring and fall cleanup? Our Providence based landscaping company ensures a lush, gorgeous lawn no matter the time of year. Full-service cleanup removes leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris, keeping lawns healthy year-round.
OuR Landscaping Services

Looking for the Right Landscaping, Rhode Island? Learn More About Us!

Your home and commercial property deserve the most beautiful and lush landscaping services available, which you’ll only get from the experts at Rhode Island Landscaping and Design! Check out why we’re the area’s highest-rated and most dependable landscapers in Providence, RI.
landscaping design rhode island

Landscape Design

If you’re not sure where to start with landscaping in Rhode Island, let our landscaping design experts help! Our landscape designers work with every client individually to create a custom landscape for your property that is as easy to maintain as it is beautiful!

A gorgeous property starts with professional landscape design, much like a home renovation starting with an interior designer creating a new look for its interior space. Rhode Island Landscaping and Design incorporates every client’s vision for their property and ensures that no detail is overlooked, creating a balanced and cohesive yet stunning look outside your property that you’re sure to love.

Landscape Architecture

Our local Rhode Island landscape architects combine art and science, creating a landscaping plan that designs and manages your property overall. Our landscape architects work to create a stunning lawn and landscaping plan that is right for your property’s soil type and overall construction.

Our landscapers also sculpt gorgeous landscaping features around your property’s layout, working with the shape and size of your home or commercial building as well as driveways, walkways, and other outside details. We ensure that the end result is a stunning outdoor space that boasts breathtaking details and offers a finished, designer look along every inch of your property. 

If you need a landscaper in RI that also has experience with landscape architecture, give us a call so we can get started on your landscape together!
landscaping architect rhode island
construction landscaping in rhode island

Landscape Construction

Exquisite landscaping means more than just flowers and shrubs... Landscape construction incorporates hardscape elements in your landscaping features, including patio pavers, gravel, decorative boulders and fencing, and other exquisite features and details.

Using elements of hardscaping in your landscape construction provides a balanced look, allowing flowers and shrubs to pop with color and personality! To ensure your property looks its best, give us a call for any landscape construction including commercial properties. Our local RI landscapers are always up for the task, no matter the size of the job!
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Grass & Lawn Care

Leave any needed lawn care to Rhode Island Landscaping and Design, and you won't be disappointed. Our landscapers, based in Providence, know what’s needed to keep every lawn in the area healthy and lush, and we offer a full range of lawn care services in Rhode Island, including mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and so much more.

Our expert lawn care services ensures your home or business always boasts a lush and healthy lawn that you’ll truly love. Our lawn care packages are affordable and include cutting, seeding, and whatever else you need to have a beautiful outdoor space.Take the guesswork out of keeping the lawn outside your home or business thick and green. Call Rhode Island Landscaping and Design for professional lawn care anywhere in RI.
lawn care in Providence RI
Rhode Island landscaping

Mulch Delivery & Spreading

Mulch delivery & spreading services keeps your lawn and landscaping features healthy and strong throughout the year, while saving you time and energy on the laborious task of doing it yourself. Mulch also locks in moisture and nutrients while providing protection for soil from harsh sunlight and subzero temperatures.

Fresh mulch also provides a stunning contrast to your lawn or landscaping in Rhode Island, enhancing its color and creating a separation between your green details and your property’s exterior structures. Make everyday lawn care easy and ensure your property looks fresh and vibrant with our bulk mulch deliveries in Rhode Island. Need help immediately? Call our expert landscapers in RI. We are up to any task and will exceed your expectations.
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
They are very professional and absolutely exceeded my expectations for new landscaping. I’m happy to use them every year for keeping up the lawn as well.



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